Twist The Throttle To Fuel Your Success

  •  Discover Your PASSION
  •  Define Your DREAMS
  •  Develop Your PURPOSE
  • Step into Your GREATNESS


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Join Author and Speaker Bob Palmer

Make This Your Best Year Yet and Mind Mapping Class

 Bob will give you Tips and Tools to put you on the road to a better you. Bob will also  teach you the How's and Why's that Vision Mapping is so important. 

Please bring a picture of yourself and some of your favorite magazines. 

Jan. 18th, 2020 9am-Noon. This is a $99 value.

Early-Bird Special  thru Jan.12th. 

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For a Limited Time Only Receive A Private Strategy Session and a downloadable copy of our Upcoming Book

Receive a Private Strategy / Coaching Session and a downloadable copy of our upcoming book," Twist the Throttle to Fuel Your Success"  PLUS a link to "The Game Changer" video.  This is a $497 Value


Step into your power

  Free  yourself from a lifetime of road blocks, fears and beliefs that have been holding you back.   

  • Discover your Passion
  • Define your Dreams
  • Develop your Purpose
  • Step into your Greatness!


Invest In Yourself

   Successes  of  Coaching

  • Find your purpose
  • Discover control in your life
  • Learn to take 100% responsibly of your life
  • Discover how taking action matters
  • Discover the power of goal setting
  • Learn how to handle rejection

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Bob is a Certified High Performance Coach,Speaker & Personal Growth and Development Trainer

 Bob is a Personal Growth Trainer.  Bob specializes in teaching others how to be the best version themselves.  Bob has taught many how to visualize their dreams, set their goals, and then, how to attain them.   If you're looking for a mentor, a coach, someone that will help you raise your game and empower you to become even more and  grow in the way you look at life, business and work, then you're in the right place.  Bob will  challenge you in ways you haven't tried before. He is that  someone who will go the distant with you, while pushing you outside of your comfort zone because he knows  that outside of your comfort zone is  where the real magic happens.                                                                                  





Bob is a Certified Canfield Trainer in Canfield Methodology.  

Bob was personally taught by Jack Canfield,(co-author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series).  He has worked side by side with Jack since 2013 in his high-end Train the Trainer program.

Bob continues to be a student of Brendon Burchard  and  is  a Certified High Performance Coach thru Brendon's organization. 

Bob is also Certified in Disc Generation 2  with Patrick Guarnieri. 

Bob has also been a student of some of the best like, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, John Maxwell, Brain Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Ted McGrath  (The Message to Millions) and  has been coached  By Gerry Robert, who is our publisher with Black Card Books. 


Here's why Bob  does it.  Bob was  raise in a family where he was taught that sharing and caring for others was a important part of life.  Now, science has shown this to be true, that when you come from a place of service you are  more effective, more powerful and more fulfilled.  This is why we, at Palmer Motivation &  Training, teaches that it's not about us,  it's about others.  Coming from a place of service   can bring you more fulfillment and thus, can bring you more joy and passion and success to your life. 

Bob knows what it's like to feel like he's not enough. That he's stuck climbing that hill. That he had to settle for less than he desired.  Now, after a very successful career in video production, six kids and two grandchildren, he wants to share with you how to be your best self.  Bob has a passion for life and for helping others.  He is ready, able and certified to teach you how to achieve  more of what your heart desires, all while achieving a more fulfilling  work life balance.


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