What about Bob


High Performance Success Coach, Personal Growth Trainer and Speaker

Bob does Transformational Workshops and  Vision Board Workshops as well as Breakthrough  Training's with his Twist The Throttle  Workshops & Destination Retreats, depending on your needs and the end results you are wanting to come away with.


Bob has the same passion for everything he does. He has been a Producer, Director, Technical Director & Editor for TV Stations & Production Houses which has won him Four Emmy's, as well as a Peabody and an International Monitor Award.

He  taught High School Video Production for 5 years as well and he loved working with the kids!!

 He currently works for the  Seattle Seahawks & Seattle Sounders.

He is a man passionate about many things. Bob has always loved helping others.  Teaching , training and coaching is where his heart's passion has always been.   It's that same passion that drives him to continually strive to be better and to help people be the best that they can be, and be the people and they want to be.


Taught by One of the Masters

Jack Canfield  is considered America's #1 Success coach.  He's an award-winning speaker and an internationally  recognized leader in personal development and peak performance  strategies and Bob studied under him since 2007 and still works with Jack and his team twice a year on Jack's high end trainings.