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Jack Canfield Endorsement

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Jack Canfield, CEO, The Canfield Group

"I love that Bob is teaching and carrying on my life's work and my passion. I also love the way he's

put it into his workbook. His teaching background, along with his other personal and professional

skills, make him an excellent trainer and teacher of my work. I encourage anyone who can, to take a workshop

put on by Bob and learn the skills he teaches to help enrich their own lives. Love you, brother…and always

appreciate all of your support at the training's."

Kathleen Seeley, CEO, The Seeley Group

“Bob leads by example, he lives and leads his life Full Throttle. I’ve worked with Bob for many years

and witnessed his ability to lead and inspire others to higher levels of success. His greatest strengths

are his is sincerity, passion and commitment to his students success”

Joanna S., Issaquah School District

I want you to know how much this class has made me stop and pause on a daily basis. It has brought me clarity in my everyday life as I explore those things that are truly sacred and important to me that I

want to nurture vs those things that really don’t mean as much that I can let go of.  Accepting responsibility, being grateful, managing my responses, searching to understand what I value, creating balance in my life; basically a new opportunity to live my life authentically with purpose.  Thank you so much!!

Debra C., RN, Seattle, WA

Bob is a great speaker.  He keeps me engaged in what he’s teaching and what you’re learning.  Being

able to interact with others in the group has really helped us focus the ability we have in ourselves


Peter S., Video Professional

I’ve been attending a seminar series with Bob Palmer and I’ve really enjoyed it because it’s allowed

me to not only work on myself, but improve the lives of the people around me, because as I get

better, I’m finding that other people are really finding positive things in me and finding positive things in themselves. So this is kind of a ripple effect, and I find that there are skills that, even at my age, I

haven’t even thought about in years. These seminars really help bring some positive things out in my life and

have helped me discover a new kind of Go Energy and try to defeat that kind of stop energy you get all over the place even if you don’t try. I’m really impressed by Bob’s teaching style and also the camaraderie you get from the other folks who attend these seminars helps feed off of each other and it’s a super positive experience. I recommend you do it.

Julie L., High School Principal, Spokane, WA

The Success Workshop was a tremendous help to me as I prioritized my goals and I learned how to

develop an action plan to reach them. Bob Palmer has an upbeat, motivating approach which helped

me to commit to my goals.


Michael J. Kline, Sarasota, FL.

“I did Bob’s High Performance Coaching program over the last several months. Even though I was fairly resistant to some of the topics he led me through, I found it insightful, valuable and even fun!  Bob’s laidback nature makes the work accessible and easy so I could explore my own stuff and create actionable commitments. If you’re ready to look at all the components of high performance, especially the gooey parts yet untapped, I recommend this program!” 

Tasneem Hossain Language and Literature at University of Dhaka - ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়

 Hello Bob and Diane- It has been wonderful talking to you for the motivational session. I am blessed to have found you two. I want to thank you for extending your support and advice. You inspirational words have energised me a ton. I am sure this will contribute wonderfully to achieve my goals. Once again a big THANK YOU from the core of my heart. May you go on inspiring and touching many more lives......Stay Blessed 

Trevor Thacker-Beach

 Bob Palmer Changed my life. Bob Palmer taught me the essentials to have a successful mindsight. He taught me how to take responsibility for my attitude and to shape my outcome. I would in no way be where I am today in life without Bob Palmer and the huge impact he had on me. I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is looking to change their life and get on the right path. 

Michael K., CEO, Kostov Productions

“Bob’s teaching style is very unique, but in a positive way. He doesn’t come off as somebody who

has this thing all nailed down. , but he does come off like he gives a darn and cares about what he’s

telling you and you feel like you’re having a discussion even though you’re in a group with twenty

 I recommend you do it.

Diane H., Issaquah School District

I feel truly blessed – my new job is awesome. I love what I am doing, my stress is lower and my health

is better. I am learning something new every day and meeting new people. You inspired me to take a

risk, and God willing it has been life changing. You are a rock star! Thank you so much. Your class and

inspiring spirit made it happen for me. Thank you so much!

Ryan Miller

 Hey Bob! Hope you are well! Just wanted to say hello and say thank you again for helping me push myself to do the things I want. Have a great weekend!!!